Consultancy and Training

Our success is based on the skills and competencies that our team brings on board. We have made a deliberate decision to provide opportunities to the young and upcoming graduate professionals whom we train and equip with soft skills/employability skills while ensuring that their technical/professional skills are sharpened and tested before they venture into the workplace. As a team, our capability and expertise can be summarized as follows:

Mentoring, Coaching & Leadership Development:Mentorship programs development and delivery;Corporate Mentorship Training;Transformational and servant leadership;Executive/Life Coaching & Training;HR & Workplace Support Services:Career guidance & counselling;Empowerment & Motivation;Training and Curriculum Development;Job placement & internships Enterprise Development & Management:Entrepreneurship trainingStrategic Planning & Development;Capacity building & Training;Monitoring & Evaluation;Business Administration;Organizational development
Corporate Support:Project Management;Organizational culture communication;Product development and marketing;Communications managementCommunity & Social Development:Community Development;Livelihoods intervention;Community services and volunteerism;Healthy & positive living ICT & Software Development:Social-media platforms design and management;Web design and software development;Web content development & management;E-Platforms:(eLearning, eCommerce);ICT Needs & demand assessment;