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We all enjoy a good meal with friends and family. Sometimes we get together just for fun or to chill out. Depending on our relationships, we often go out of our way to create a memorable experience. We now invite you to spice up your meetups with the brand “Dinner with a Purpose” – a new way of enjoying a meal with friends, colleagues and family while touching and changing a life. It is fun and easy to do. How?

  1. Select a purpose that speaks to your passion (see proposed list below)
  2. Be creative on the type of dinner you with to organize – simple, pot-luck, cocktail, 3-Course meal, name it!
  3. Create a guest list
  4. Design your invitation card with the purpose well developed (we shall share photos with you to appeal to your guests)
  5. Indicate the ‘friend-raiser’ or ‘dine-raiser’ price
  6. Show benefit for attending the dinner
  7. Hold the dinner and make it fun
  8. Create a slot for an “e” guest to speak to the dinning community on the “Purpose”
  9. Send the raised funds to eMentoring Africa to implement the program
  10. Receive periodical updates on the impact of your support


The following are some of the many benefits you will enjoy by organizing the Dinner with a purpose:

  • Feel good for touching a life while having fun bonding with friends and family
  • Be listed on the eMentoring Africa website as a Diaspora lead for “Dinner with a Purpose”

Purpose List:

  1. Sponsor a teenage-mother to go back to school (to complete high school and beyond)
  2. Sponsor a teenage-mum to purpose an “Alternative Pathway” to acquire skills to make a living and pursuing studies
  3. Establish a business for teenage-mums to earn a living and assist in finding market linkages for the products
  4. Invest in young-innovators ideas and be a business-mentor. Have stake in the business for 3 years and recoup your money
  5. Adopt a School and support the rollout of a mentorship program touching lives of students to increase number of students transitioning to university/colleges

Target Counties for 2018 – 2019:

  1. Marsabit County
  2. Kilifi County
  3. Baringo County
  4. Nairobi County
  5. Laikipia County

Kilifi “Dinner with a Purpose” Sponsor

Type of sponsorship:

On 21st April 2018, Jayne sponsored the first Dinner with a Purpose for youth and mentors in Kilifi County. This was during the PASS IT ON Event organized by eMentoring Africa at Pwani University. Jayne has a passion for supporting young mothers who have found themselves on the parenting path, thus temporarily abandoning their education dream. Through the “Dinner with a Purpose” events to be organized in Bonn, Germany, Jayne will raise money to support the Alternatives-Pathway program for the young mothers.

For more details, please contact: ceo@ementoringafrica.or.ke

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