If you live in Kenya you must be familiar with The BIG FOUR Agenda set by the government under the pillars of Manufacturing, Food security, Affordable Housing and Healthcare. But since the announcement of the big4, what else have you heard about it?

To demystify the good intention of the government from being a phenomenon, to something Kenyans can understand and identify with, in comes a mentorship company by the name eMentoring Africa. And to dress down the monument into some tangible mechanism that will use technology to translate the idea into some real time means to better the lives of Kenyans, in tow comes the youth of Kenya who are endowed with minds that can touch buttons and wow! The big4 thing becomes a means of livelihood, to all and sundry.What then is this thing about Hacking the Big4?

Hack-The-Big 4 presents an exclusive opportunity for creative minds to come together and co-develop tech-solutions that will transform Kenya and have tangible economic and social impact. This is a mentorship forum where creative youth with ideas and solutions on the Big 4 Agenda present the same to an audience majorly comprising of youth tech-innovators

The idea of this program is to support the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship of young people. The project is intended to develop a culture of self-employment, making the youths its authors and actors and boosting the creativity, innovation and talent to be job creators and not seekers. It is organized by eMentoringAfrica in partnership with Huawei and ICT Authority.

The speakers were: Dr. Wala Elizabeth, Professor Bitange Ndemo, Mr. Lee Kyonze and Mr. Lawrence Warobi, and these are the lessons that you missed if you were elsewhere:

  • A lot of SMEs lack understanding on finance to start small and use the existing resources
  • Learn to change the problem to an opportunity
  • A business can never grow in a day
  • Register your innovation and have good legal back up
  • Be patient, don’t give up on the first try
  • Reach out and have partners

The participant’s faces shone with excitement as they shared their ideas with the professionals. Having someone to guide them on their journey to achieving their goals also added to enthusiasm. I would call this forum ‘The learning-by-doing process’, for it is accomplished in cooperation with techies and entrepreneurs, who show in practice how enterprises and innovation processes work.This builds creative and innovative thinking, and the ability to turn challenges into opportunities, setting and achieving goals with limited resources.Why would you miss the next big event that will hack the big4 the more?

It is exciting because the programme particularly wants to provide educational, technical and financial support to help the young during their own projects, from conception to completion. As a youth I wish there were more forums like this that aim at developing an enterprising mindset among young people, encouraging us to take responsibility for tour own life and success.

By Ebby Nakitari

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