As a graduate for about a year now, I can honestly say trying to get a job let alone an internship is a constant distressing challenge. This common and personal disappointment waves through me every time I decide to feel out the job market. In perfect repetition, the experience requirement in each job offer knocks my chances down a few pegs and all the confidence I had in applying for that job is lost. A lot of young graduates don’t have a minimum of two years in work experience, I personally don’t. We look to these companies to help us get these two years under our belts. A lot of them give contracts that only last for a couples of months to at most a year and once that sand clock runs out, and you best believe someone is going to inform you that time is up, finding another job isn’t that easy. That leaves so many young people with a year or less of experience as companies continue to look for workers while overlooking the learners. There are very few chances for people who are new and blank; those who’ve barely had a chance to transfer what they’ve learnt in the books into the real world.      

Organizations should absorb interns and give the ‘hungry for success’ youth a chance to grow their already acquired skills, regardless of their experience level. This is why a great deal of young people turn to side hustles that don’t translate on paper, because not that many people are willing to horn in on their studies and help them grow their professional skills. Some have opted to taking jobs that have no requirements, which do not speak to their interests at all purely for the paycheck. To be fair, there are some who have found passion in their side hustles and are flourishing, but what about those who are looking to corporate mentors to help nourish an interest? What happens to them in the long run with this continued neglect?

Please let me know how your internship experience has been, has it been easy for you or no? Comment down below, let’s talk 🙂

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