Employment & Economic Empowerment

Employment & Economic Empowerment

At eMA, our ultimate mission is to contribute to the development of holistic and productive youth. We recognize the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the youth at different life stages. With a focus on Kenya's vibrant youth population, we aim to empower those transitioning from the education system into the job market and career advancement, addressing their critical needs and aspirations.

Our primary focus is on youth aged 19-24, encompassing those transitioning from high school, in tertiary institutions, and pursuing career development. We aim to bridge the gap between education and employment for these dynamic individuals.

eMA is dedicated to bridging the gap between employers and youth seeking employment. We recognize the evolving job market and the need for complementary skills beyond formal education. Our tailored training and capacity-building programs enhance youth employability skills and life skills, making them more productive in the work environment.

Our Track Record

The Work Experience and Mentorship Academy (WEMA) addresses skills development to post college and university graduates as they transition to the working environment. The program offers unique value propositions in two aspects:
1. Imparting employability skills and linking young graduates to experiential placement in SMEs
2. Meeting SMEs unmet need for high performing and productive employees.

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Expected Outcomes

Enhanced complementary skills in the job market

Increased access on labour market information for the youth

Increased knowledge on job search skills among the youth

Access to personal development support to youth

Linkages established between employers and employable youth

Improved meaningful work experience for the youth

Increased productivity