Personal Development Mentorship

Personal Development Mentorship

eMA’s Personal Development Mentorship is focused on supporting learners in high schools and tertiary institutions, addressing soft skills and other life skills among learners. In addition, eMA undertakes mentorship support to address transition from high schools into tertiary institutions and entrepreneurship - a stage normally characterized by idleness and more often confusion among young people.

In the recent past, in the education system in Kenya, competition has characterized learning institutions with a skewed focus on academic performance and excellence. In the quest for young learners to achieve high academic performance that is perceived to be instrumental in propelling them into good careers and jobs, they end up with inadequacies in soft skills and other life skills that are equally important to navigate life challenges and experiences.

The goal is to contribute to the holistic development of learners and youth transitioning, overcoming socio-economic challenges. Key outcomes include improved career decision-making and a reduction in social ills. Specific outputs include increased self-awareness, entrepreneurial capacities, and engagement among youth.

eMA Personal Development Mentorship interventions are tailored to address specific needs among learners in high schools, young people at transition stage and learners in tertiary institutions. PDM also ensures involvement of parents, guardians, teachers for effectiveness and sustainability of the interventions. The programme envisages supporting learners to have a growth plan for their lives and careers as they gain academic knowledge preparing them into the next level of life and career challenges.

Our Track Record

A program targeting schools with an aim of encouraging alumni individuals and institutions to give back to institutions through a mentorship program that supports students with career development and other inspirational mentorship support activities.

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A program tailored for youth in transition from learning institutions to higher institutions of Learning, Technical Institutions and other career growth choices.

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A program targeting youth in higher institutions of learning with a main focus on developing leadership qualities among the youth.

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Expected Outcomes

Improved career decision making

Increased self-awareness

Increased entrepreneurial capacities

Improved good behavior and conduct among youth