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1% for change


1,000+ Mentors aged 40+


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Mentors give at least 1% of their time or resources to mentor, share knowledge, motivate, network and give opportunities to the youth


Create a legacy. Bring the change you want to see in Kenya.
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We all have experiences we would like to share that can transform a life

However diverse we are, we are a community. Waves of generations, passing on our beliefs, experiences.
Passing on our wisdom
As a mentor, your role will be to help and guide a young person based on your own personal experience. This guidance is not done for personal gain.

We have two categories of Mentors:

We all enjoy a good meal with friends and family. Sometimes we get together just for fun or to chill out. Depending on our relationships, we often go out of our way to create a memorable experience.

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We now invite you to spice up your meetups with the brand “Dinner with a Purpose” – a new way of enjoying a meal with friends, colleagues and family while touching and changing a life. It is fun and easy to do.