Adopt & Mentor

Adopt refers to agree to support, while Mentor denotes willingness to guide.

The Adopt & Mentor program equips high school and university students with skills & competencies critical to the job market. The program exposes students to workplace skills through partnerships with potential employers to create job-shadowing opportunities for real life work experience.

Seal the gap
SEAL THE GAP is a creative and fun program designed to offer learning and practical life skills to pupils/students during holidays. More importantly, the program involves parents and guardians as the first mentors of their children.

The objectives of the program are:
• To equip youth with life-skills and keep them positively engaged during holidays.
• To cushion the teens against possibilities of engaging in destructive behaviors as a result of extreme media influences and negative peer pressure.
• To enable teens discover their diverse talents.
• To offer a platform for dialogue and peer learning
• To provide innovative platforms that bring students and parents/guardians to have meaningful conversations.