About us
Transforming minds, rescuing a generation


Our mission is to build a responsible society by imparting values, life-skills, integrity and professionalism to teenagers, youth, and young career graduates in Africa through mentoring.


We envision a transformed and empowered youth who are productive and sensitive to the challenges of our society.

Aligning to Vision 2030

The Kenya Vision 2030 aspires to transform Kenya into an industrialized country by 2030. This vision can only be achieved if we purposely trained and prepared young people to choose careers and professions that are aligned to the vision. Our programs therefore are skewed towards developing this critical workforce. Thus, the interventions we have put in place through our programs are designed to inform, guide and assist students to make best and informed career and educational choices/decisions, based on the current trends and opportunities available.

Mentorship duration

Once enrolled to a program, it will take you six-months to one year to graduate, which will include training, capacity building, support forums, leadership training and one-on-one mentorship. We embrace all youth, regardless of their economic and educational background.
5000 +
Lives transformed
Schools visited
300 +
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Our journey history
Since 2008, we have engaged in hundreds of mentorship programs in Kenya.

Year 2018 Goal
To connect at least 2,350 youth in majority of the 47 counties in Kenya to mentors and/or mentoring opportunities.
26th - 28th January 2017
Let's talk about your career
The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority, in conjunction with the permanent working group on TVET hosted the hands on the future TVET conference and Kenya skills show from

eMentoring Africa in partnership with Discover Your Career (DYC) had an opportunity to participate in the show as career advisors.

1st February 2017
Digital Skills for Life program

1st February 2017 marked the beginning of the Digital Skills for Life program. A basic ICT training that carried on till 17th March 2017. This was done in partnership with ICTA and Huawei. The training targeted disadvantaged youths and mothers. The graduation of the youths took place on 26/04/2017.

But before then 3 of the trainees represented the team at the connect summit in Mombasa. The summit took place form 9th-12th April.

Currently the DSL trainees are undergoing a mentorship process, 5 have secured job placements through the program, 11 have been sponsored to join colleges to pursue their fields of interest. Some expressed interest in doing online work and have undergone and while others are still undergoing the Ajira digital training. There are two others who are also based at Adept.

Our partners

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress;

working together is success.

Henry Ford

Management Mentors: This US-based company has been offering corporate mentorship for over 20 years. The online-mentoring platform matches mentors and mentees, while monitoring the development and impact the program has. eMentoring Africa is the Management Mentors Inc. African liaison partner.

The mission of WSWI is to facilitate the exchange of wisdom and knowledge between experienced women servant leaders and future leaders pursuing positive change in their lives, careers, communities, and the lives of others.

Options4Growth is a certified women’s business enterprise based in the US. They are a fully outsourced HR solutions provided, combining years of real-world HR experience with cloud-based technology to offer custom solutions tailored to the unique business needs.

Career Cruising: Career Cruising Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in online career planning tools. We are licensed to create Career Cruising accounts to students in Kenya and the sub-Saharan Africa.

Our core values

Team work
Working collaboratively to achieve a goal
Willingness to accept responsibility; account for own action; answerable
Being honest and having strong moral principles; being undivided; sincerity; truthfulness

Effort, zealous; diligent at completing tasks


Introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking


Ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible