SLAP (Student Leadership Ambassadors Program)

Taking on leadership roles in Universities prepares students for future leadership and prepare them to face challenges in the future. Experience suggests that most university student leaders end up taking leadership positions in the country. Unfortunately, some student leaders fade into oblivion if they do not end up in political leadership or similar public facing positions.

The Student Leadership Ambassadors Program (SLAP) is a program of eMentoring Africa whose sole purpose is to nurture the leadership traits and attributes of the student leaders, through mentorship. Our goal is to infuse ethical leadership in the universities and prepare them to transition into credible society leaders of tomorrow.

SLAP admission is FREE but COMPETITIVE. If you wish to join the SLAP 2019 class, please submit your expression of interest including: your full name, leadership position, profile of club/association, and justification of why you should be selected to

SLAP mentorship Session 2016

SLAP sessions are filled with positive energy, learning and friendship

Students are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to enable them to take responsibility both in their school and the wider community